Sunday, August 22, 2010

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History of the Greenland Kayak blog
I created several months ago after visiting Greenland.

Several of these books are still available for purchase on the QajaqUSA web page. Qajaq USA is the American Chapter of Qaannat Kattuffiat, the Greenland Kayak Association.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

An unusual Greenland kayak bow end.

Inside a Greenland wooden frame, looking forward.

An Inuit seal hunter, taken from an expedition company brochure.

Vintage ad for a ham radio.

Vintage post card art.

Skin on frame Greenland kayak, offered in a Wooden Boat School ad.

Exactly where are Greenland and Svalbard?

Greenland skin on frame kayaks before and after skinning.

A modern Greenland Inuit paddler.

A couple in the north of Sweden runs kayak tours out of their hostel on the water.

Setting up for a Greenland roll.

Kayak ballet, note the formation.

A kayak motor?!

Facing and bracing the wave.

Punching through the wave, or rolling in surf?

Okay. THAT'S a bit of surfing...holy shit, Batman!

A Scotsman in the 50's in his hand made Greenland kayak.

Surfing in Australia.

Guess this guy selling his Pygmy Coho wanted to remain anonymous.

He sold it in 2007.

Love this graphic from a kayak shop on Lake Superior.

I think I've just found my new chandelier.

Handmade and sold on eBay a while back.

Sacred Circle at Traditional Arctic Kayak Symposium, Trinidad, CA, 2009

Skin on frame kayaks at TAKS 2009

These photos were found with a search generated by Google Images.
I simply typed in vintage kayak photo images and voila!